Danvers falconfest

Open Meeting Schedule

2nd Tuesday of every month, 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Danvers Fire Department, 64 High Street, 2nd floor

5.14.24 Open Meeting Minutes

Fundraising Update
* Gap to goal, sponsors, focus on resident support
Downtown Rewind
* Map, band, activities, food specials
* Name contest, map, band, activities, food trucks
Member of the Month
Open floor

4.23.24 Open Meeting Minutes

Welcome, Announcements, Volunteer Opportunities
Member of the Month
Finance and Fundraising Update
Volunteer Leads Still Needed
Event Brainstorming Session
Downtown Rewind (6/25) and Fireworks (8/11)
• Activities
• Food
• Vendors and community tables
Open floor

3.12.24 Open Meeting Minutes

Member of the Month
Finance and Fundraising Update
Seeking Volunteer Leads
Event Updates
* Comedy Night fundraiser – 3/21/24
* Easter Bunny fundraiser – 3/23/24
* Downtown Rewind – 6/25/24
* Fireworks Spectacular – 8/11/24
Public Service Announcements
Open floor

10.10.23 Open Meeting Minutes

Update on Town Proposals
Discuss New Membership Structure
Plan for Parade of Trees Entry
Plan for Light Up Danvers Fundraiser
Plan for Tree Lighting Event
Plan for Winter Bonfire