Open Meeting Minutes

Danvers falconfest


August 8, 2023 










Board Updates 



Financial Report – Downtown Rewind  



Run Down on WIFFLE Bowl  

Rebecca / Sarah G. 



Event Planning for Brew Fest  


Ashley / Jocelyn 






Meeting Attendees  

Board Members – Mike, Amy, Rebecca, Jocelyn 

Community Members – Crystal Brennan, Dave Pabicz, Joanie, Melanie Little, Sarah Gagnon, Ashley Bivens, Dave from Twisted Fate 


Meeting Minutes – Respectfully Submitted by Amy Ciancarelli 


Welcome – Mike 

Mike welcomed the group and facilitated introductions. He provided a brief background on the organization and highlighted our successes.  


Board Updates – Amy 

Amy shared that Sara D’Antonio has stepped down as secretary on the Board. Amy thanked Sara for her enthusiasm and talents. She explained Sara will continue to support DFF and volunteer.  

Amy will serve as the “Acting Secretary” and share key responsibilities with the Board as needed. There is an interested candidate who would like to join the Board as the Secretary. More information to come.  

Amy said that the Board is also in the process of finalizing a charter document that outlines member roles and responsibilities, leadership qualities, organization structure, terms, etc.  


Financial Report – Rebecca 

Rebecca provided a detailed report on Downtown Rewind. She thanked Danvers Rotary for fundraising for the event. The DFF budget came in under $1000 which means DFF can apply for the money from Rotary in 2024 to be used at a future event. DFF made a $2100 profit from swag sales ($1500) and from the 50/50 winners ($600) returning the money to be used for a future fireworks event.  

Thus far, the fireworks GoFundMe page has generated $4700 in donations. The page launched the Friday after Downtown Rewind. 


WIFFLE Bowl – Rebecca 

Rebecca provided the group with the event details. Sub-group has been meeting regularly. Rebecca is taking the lead on Wiffle Bowl and Sarah Gagnon is doing the same East Coast Wiffle Ball is helping to manage the logistics and will set us up for success. Volunteer sign up will go out this week.  

Event highlights include: dj/emcee with music, Annie Brobsty singing the National Anthem, kid’s sandlot games and activities, DFF swag, and DFF snack shack.  

Attendees mentioned doing a 50/50 or raffle for Red Sox tickets. Attendees liked the idea of a ticket raffle if possible.  


Brew Fest – Jocelyn/Ashley 

Jocelyn and Ashley shared a proposal for a beer garden (several breweries) with a Halloween twist. Tickets would be $10 per adult to enter. Attendees to pay for their beer, food, event activities. Kids’ activities (facepainting, spooky storyteller, craft) would be free.  

Event ideas include: dj, live art pumpkin carving, tarot readers, mediums, photo ops with holiday character like Frankestein or Salem Ghostbusters, candy apples, cider donuts, sausage cart, food trucks.  

Tentative budget is $3000. Glen Magna charges $2400 fee. Perhaps the Historical Society would be willing to waive this? 

Attendees offered feedback and suggestions. Glen Magna preferred over the Library. Friday or Saturday better than a Sunday due to sports and Patriots schedule.  

Dave from Twisted Fate shared information on one-day licensing. He suggested the breweries apply instead of DFF.  

Next steps – clarify $2400 price tag with Glen Magna, determine need for Select Board approval, see if Kiwanis might be interested in partnering in some way, work with Dave on breweries and food trucks to invite to the event 


Open – All 

Jocelyn pitched an enhancement to the Light Up Danvers holiday map fundraiser.  

Dave P. mentioned ice sculptures at the Winter Bonfire event would be worth looking into.  


Next Meeting – Tuesday, September 12 at 7p at the Danvers Fire Headquarters