Open Meeting Minutes

Danvers falconfest

DATE  November 14th, 2023  TIME  7:00 PM 



Welcome  Amy  10 
Light Up Danvers bag stuffing  All  45 

Upcoming events and volunteer opportunities 

(Football game booth, Parade of Trees, Tree Lighting, Bonfire) 

Jocelyn  20 
Open  All  5 



Board Members – Amy Ciancarelli, Rebecca Froncki, Jocelyn Marchand, David Pabisz 

Community Members –  17 volunteers present, Nancy Sweeter, Joni Pesola, Ashley Bivens, Amy West, Meghan Prentice, Amy Chaves, Robert DeCristoforo, Lisa Cole, Melanie Little, Sarah Gagnon, Jordan Bartlett (senior DHS), Megan McGinnity (DHS), Sara Leahey, Libby, Casey (DHS), Samantha Fay (DHS), Crystal Brennan 



Respectfully submitted by David Pabisz 


Welcome – Amy 

  • Introductions of the board to the room 
  • Went around the room and let everyone introduce themselves 
  • Jocelyn gave a little history of what the org had done last winter to fundraise 


Light Up Danvers bag stuffing – All 

  • Volunteers filling 100 bags for the Light Up Danvers fundraiser. 


Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities 

  • Football game booth 11/23 (Thanksgiving) 
    • Home game.  We will be there selling Light Up Danvers bags 
    • We would like to meeting and engage with the high school students 
    • Game is at 10, setup at 9:15 
  • Parade of Trees set up 11/27  
    • We will have some hoodies and other swag 
    • Engaging with the Historical Society is something we wanted to do 
  • Tree Lighting 12/2 
    • We are trying to get the a cappella group from DHS, we could use some help with that 
    • Selling swag 
    • Dance center performance 
    • Danvers Garden Club wasn’t properly credited last year.  We will make sure our MC (Chris) mentions all the contributors 
    • We are starting small, will build up to it over the years. 
    • Historical society also felt like they missed out last year because nobody knew they were open and showing their trees the same day 
  • Bonfire 1/13/24 
    • Still a moderate amount of planning to do 
    • We will need lots of volunteer help for it 
    • We will start separate planning committee meetings for Bonfire soon 
  • Rewind 2024 
  • Fireworks 2024 
    • Smaller scale than the old Danvers fireworks, more on par with other local communities 
    • Same night as Beverly Homecoming, this will keep the show small and local 
    • Seeking a live performer 
    • Dunk tank (with town manager in it 
  •  WIFFLE Bowl 2024 
    • Was very popular last year.  People want it bigger. 
    • We need to work with St. John’s Prep to set this up for 2024 
  •  Spring Event? 
    • Some interest in doing something during the Spring 
  • Fireworks requires a lot of money, we may need to focus.  We have to see. 


  • We are looking for people to step up and take on a more formal role in the organization. 
  • To keep the organization moving in the right direction we need stronger commitments. 
  • Amy handed out some membership flyers 
  • Everyone please check out the web site , especially the volunteer page. 


Next Open Meeting – 01/09/24 at 7p at the Danvers Fire Headquarters (Tentative) 

  • The 12/12/23 meeting time is being used for the Fireworks Community meeting at HRMS 
    • This is an open meeting, so please attend if you have an interest in the fireworks