Fireworks Special Open Meeting Minutes

Danvers falconfest

DATE  December 12, 2023  TIME  7:00 PM 



Welcome  Amy  10 
Presentation of the Fireworks plan   Amy,Jocelyn,Rebecca  20 
Public comment and questions  All  70 



Board Members – Amy Ciancarelli, Rebecca Froncki, Jocelyn Marchand, David Pabisz 

Community Members – Residents in the vicinity of Danvers High School, roughly 8 in attendance 

Town Departments – Steve Bartha, Jen Breaker, James Lovell (DPD), Robert Amerault (DFD), Brian Barry (DFD), Dan Bauer (DPS), Robert Dever (DPW), Adam Frederico (DPS) 



Respectfully submitted by David Pabisz 


Welcome – Amy 

  • Opening remarks by Steve 
  • Introductions going down the table 

Presentation of the plan – Amy 

  • Walkthrough of the slides 

Public comment and questions – All 

  • Is there sufficient lighting on the field for everyone after dark (Dave Benson) 
    • Tennis court has a lot of light 
    • Extra light towers can be brought in if necessary (DPW) 
  •  Bathroom facilities, are there enough? 
    • We plan to have enough portable toilets for 4,000 people 
  • Will there be any room to put down blankets or chairs to watch the show? 
    • There should be enough space between the red fireworks area and the middle of the field (maybe 300ft wide swath?) 
  •  Ideas for activities 
    • Popcorn machine 
    • Face painting 
  •  Dan Bauer, one concern is the turf field and keeping it from getting damaged 
    • We need to take special care with the field, track, and stadium. 
    • Can lock the gates, DPW could reinforce some of the weaker fencing 
  • Important to notify folks in social posts that this is a dry event 
  • Make sure people don’t put down tarps on the field, blankets only 
  • Side-note, should we look into the old Fireman’s Muster?
    • Used to happen at Endicott Park, part of Family Festival 
    • DFD used to participate 
    • Worth looking into for possible future event 


Next Meeting – 01/09/24 at 7p at the Danvers Fire Headquarters (back to regular Open Meeting)