Open Meeting Minutes

Danvers falconfest


April 23, 2024 


7:00 PM 






Welcome, Announcements, Volunteer Opportunities 



Member of the Month 



Finance and Fundraising Update 



Volunteer Leads Still Needed 



Event Brainstorming Session 

Downtown Rewind (6/25) and Fireworks (8/11) 

• Activities 

• Food 

• Vendors and community tables 

Jocelyn / All 







Board Members – Amy Ciancarelli, Ashley Bivens, Rebecca Froncki, Jocelyn Marchand 

Community Members – Lisa Cole, Bob DiPietro, Mike Trainor, Amy West, Sarah Gagnon, Melanie Little 



Respectfully submitted by Amy Ciancarelli 


Welcome, Announcements, Volunteer Opportunities – Amy 

  • Amy welcomed the group. Group enjoyed pizza and catching up.  
  • Danvers FalconFest will have a booth at Healthy Kids Day at the YMCA on Saturday 4/27 from 12:30 – 3p and at the Riverside Playground Fundraiser at Treehouse Fitness on Sunday 4/28 from 9 – 11:30a.  


Member of the Month – Amy 

  • The Board recognized Lisa Cole this month for her can-do attitude, kindness and dedication to the Danvers community.  
  • The Board presented a gift and will share a photo on social media this week.  


Finance and Fundraising Update – Rebecca 

  • Rebecca shared that Comedy Night made a $2600 profit. We experienced less ticket sales this year but we made up for it with our raffle basket sales.  
  • Group discussed hosting the event every other year.  
  • Group considered ways to change up the event – new location, different time of year.  
  • Rebecca said that the Easter Bunny fundraiser made just over a $2000 profit with $1800 for entry fee (about 180 kids) and $100 for the duck game. Expenses were minimal at about $50.  
  • Group suggested adding another bounce house next year.  
  • Rebecca provided an update on corporate sponsorships. Tier one businesses ($1000 and over) have been contacted and exhausted. We are now working on soliciting donations from tier two businesses ($500 and under).  
  • Reminder that this year’s fundraising goal is $65,000. We have raised $36,000 to date. 


Volunteer Leads Still Needed – Ashley 

  • Ashley thanked Mike and Joani for stepping up. She reviewed the roles still needed to ensure the success of our events.  
  • Sarah volunteered to be in charge of activities for all events. Melanie said she would serve as the volunteer lead for all events.  
  • Lisa volunteered as the entertainment lead  
  • The Board will send an email to the full member/volunteer list. 


Event Brainstorming – Jocelyn/All 


  • Sponsors that wish to have tables at Downtown Rewind should be prepared to host an activity that enhance the events.  
  • Ideas include: balloon artist, facepainting, temporary tattoos, Taylor Swift bracelet making, scavenger hunt, mini golf, cornhole (Mazo McCullough), carnival game (DFF), Twister, photobooth TBD, hula hoops, selfie walls, kids craft, karaoke, hula hoops, jump ropes, costume contest, build a stuffed animal (DFF) 


  • Davey the Clown, Austin the caricaturist, live art, car show, photos with impersonators, live art on sidewalks or windows 


  • Downtown Rewind vendors include: Kona Ice, Melt, Noonan’s, Shishkaberry’s, local businesses (Berry Tavern beer garden? Daniella’s cannoli? Cherry Street lobster rolls? 
  • Fireworks vendors include: Kona Ice, Melt, Noonan’s, Chicken and the Pig, Firetruck Pizza, maybe Mexican?, local businesses? 


  • Group will need to gauge interest from Miss Nancy, Dance Center, Inclusion Sports, YMCA, others? 


  • The Board will clarify with the Town on the need for each vendor to pay separately for a hawker peddler license. Can FalconFest serve as the event owner and have an umbrella policy where FalconFest pays a single fee that covers all vendors? 
  • The Board will post on social media and FB groups within the next week or two to secure a diverse list of vendors.  
  • The Board will also look at Beverly Arts and Ipswich Home events vendor lists to determine potential vendors and reach out with fireworks information (date, location, cost for table). 


Open – All 

  • Mike has the banner from Downtown Rewind. Amy will coordinate pick up. 
  • Mike also has the decorative posts from the stage from Downtown Rewind last year. Goal is to use these in another capacity at this year’s event.  


Next Meeting – 05/14/24 at 7p at the Danvers Fire Headquarters