Open Meeting Minutes

Danvers falconfest

DATE  January 9th, 2023  TIME  7:00 PM 



Welcome  Amy  5 
Fireworks Spectacular – August 11, 2024  Dave  10 
Fundraising Needs and Strategy  Rebecca  20 
Comedy Night – March 21, 2024  Rebecca  10 
Bonfire – This Saturday  Jocelyn  20 
Open  All  5 



Board Members – Amy Ciancarelli, Rebecca Froncki, Jocelyn Marchand, David Pabisz 

Community Members – Bob DiPietro, Ashley Bivens, Sarah Gagnon, Sammy Fay, Robert DeCristoforo, Joni Pesola, Mike Trainor, Lisa Cole, Meghan Prentice, Crystal Brennan, Jennifer Shanbar-Ward, Jim Morose, Melanie Little 



Respectfully submitted by David Pabisz 


Welcome – Amy 

  • Welcome any new volunteers, visitors, ..etc. 
  • Member appreciation event 1/23/24 at Berry Tavern!  6:00pm start time.  Email soon to come. 

Fireworks Spectacular – Dave 

  • August 11, 2024 
  • Gave description of the development of the Fireworks Spectacular event and what we have planned so far. 
  • We need to have the detailed planning complete 3 months in advance (May 2024)! 
    • We would like to have the fundraising done by then as well 

Fundraising Needs and Strategy – Rebecca 

  • $40,000 for fireworks 
  • $25,000 for other events 
  • Comedy Night, Light Up Danvers bring in some, but we need about $50,000 from corporate sponsors. 
  • Please help us with outreach to potential corporate sponsors. 
    • Talk to Rebecca if you have some leads: [email protected] 
    • Go to 
  • We have not done a mass mailing out to all Danvers residents, but that would cost $7000, doesn’t seem like a responsible use of funds at this time. 
  • Social media presence needs to grow. 
  • Other fundraising ideas 
    • Have volunteers walking through crowds at events with cans asking for donations. 
    • Have sandwich boards with QR code sign with suggested donation at entrances to events. 
    • 50/50 raffle at events. 
    • Pay to have someone’s lawn “flocked” with pink flamingos or something like that. 
    • Interactive fundraiser, pay to have Freddy the Falcon appear in different surprise places. 
    • Call-A-Thon, sit in room as a group and call numbers out of the yellow book 
    • DCAT telethon?  Simulcast on cable and YouTube?  Have people call in. 
      • Sponsorship opportunities for businesses, have them sponsor an hour of the telethon. 
      • Have some kind of entertainment. 
      • Need a phone system, a calling queue. 
      • 12 hours of material, pre-recorded 
      • 20 minute segments 
    • Auto-dialer, to do quick robo calls, or mass texting 

                Comedy Night – Rebecca 

                • March 21, 2024 (Thursday) 
                • Prince Pizza 
                • Can we request Christine Hurley? 
                • Tickets for sale 
                  • Get pizza, 
                  • There will be raffle baskets, many provided by smaller businesses 
                  • Buy your own drinks 
                • If anyone knows someone or a business that would like to donate a raffle basket please reach out to Jocelyn ([email protected]) 
                • We sold out last year. 
                  • We made $3300 last year 
                • We need to get a save the date post out by Sunday 1/14 

                        Bonfire – Jocelyn 

                        • January 13, 2024.  This Saturday. 
                        • Town will make a call on Friday morning by 10am on whether we need to execute the rain date or cancel due to weather conditions. 
                        • Question: does the carnival games trailer from Noonan need power? 
                          • Light tower is about 150’ away 
                        • Walked through all the event details. 
                        • Fire is lit at 6:00pm 

                            Open – All 

                            • Should we do Easter Bunny pictures for fundraising again? 
                              • Easter coming up quick this year, 3/31. 
                              • Need to move on this soon, we’d want to do this on 3/23-3/24 
                              • Where would we do this? 
                                • YMCA is still under construction 
                                • Gazebo at the library? 
                                • Danvers Art Association? – Melanie reaching out to her contact 
                            • Spring fun run? 
                              • Could this be at Prep during April vacation? 
                              • Rail Trail? 
                                • Try to avoid crossing streets 

                            Next Meeting – 02/13/24 at 7p at the Danvers Fire Headquarters